Development Projects Currently Under Review

Development projects on vacant land and larger redevelopment projects typically require a land use decision with a public comment period before the applicant can break ground to start construction activities. Click here to view a map showing projects in the city that are currently under review by City staff to ensure compliance with applicable codes and standards. Below are details about those projects with links to the documents and reports submitted by the applicant as well as staff-generated documents.

If you want to submit a comment on a specific project or simply be included as a party of record click the button in this section and fill out the online form. Parties of record will be notified if the plans are revised or new documents are submitted, when a public hearing is going to be held (if required), and when the Notice of Decision is issued. Be aware, that only parties of record or people who have commented on an application have standing to appeal a land use decision.

18-17-SDP  Sharp Condominiums - 1008 Maple Ave

The applicant is proposing a six-unit multifamily development at 1008 Maple Avenue, consisting of five separate buildings, with associated parking, utilities, and infrastructure on a 15,942 square foot site.

17-17-SP  Leight Short Plat - 1700 Seventh Street

The applicant is proposing a four-lot short plat at 1700 Seventh Street.  Proposed Lot 4 contains an existing home that will remain; new homes are planned for the remaining three proposed lots.

14-17-ADP  Snohomish Storage Expansion Phase III & IV Site Development

An application for Administrative (Site) Development Plan has been submitted for the property at 2020 Bickford Avenue, extending south to 16th Street.  The proposed project is an expansion of an existing RV & Boat storage facility; phase III and IV is comprised of three metal storage buildings and an RV canopy on an approximately 10.9-acre site with associated utility and infrastructure improvements, and wetland mitigation.

11-17-PRD  1405 Avenue A Preliminary Plat 

An application for Preliminary Plat approval has been submitted for 1405 Avenue A.  The proposed project will subdivide an approximately 1.13 acre site into 6 single-family lots as a Planned Residential Development.  

08-17-ADP  161 Lincoln Avenue Mixed Use Building

An application for Administrative Development Plan has been submitted for a mixed use building at 161 Lincoln Avenue.  The proposed project will include six residential units with 3,980 square feet of commercial space on the ground floor.  Associated site improvements include utilities, landscaping, new sidewalks, and parking.

Permit Activity Reports

The permit activity reports contains information about building and development permits applied for and issued in the city during the specified week.

Permit Types:

Following is a list of codes that corresponds to “Type” in the activity reports. For information on permit types not included below, please contact City staff.


Commercial Alteration


Residential Alteration


Boundary Line Adjustment


Commercial Industrial
(new structure)


Site Civil Construction



Conditional Use Permit




Final Plat


Final Short Plat




Grading permit


Multi-Family Structure (new structure)


Preliminary Plat


Planned Residential Development


Preliminary Short Plat


Environmental Review


Single Family Residence
(new structure)


Shoreline Permit


Tenant Improvement




Minor Variance