Historic District Design Standards Update

In 2012, the City of Snohomish Design Review Board began work on an ongoing project to update the Historic District Design Standards. These standards are intended to promote awareness of the City's heritage; to protect the City's heritage by controlling alterations and demolitions; to rehabilitate and reuse historic structures; to encourage new construction in keeping with the City's historic character; and to attract visitors to Snohomish.

The current standards were adopted in 2000 and updated in 2003. They have now been used for more than a decade to review Historic District development proposals. Over this period, the Design Review Board and City staff have noted areas where the standards could be made more understandable and effective. Update efforts have consisted of identification of deficiencies, a new organizational scheme, and progressing work on revising the language of the standards.

Materials related to this project are available for review. The Board's analysis of the current document may be viewed by clicking this link. The draft document outline below includes links to draft document chapters for which the Board has preliminary recommendations. As the Board completes draft sections, new active links will be added to this list.

This update is a public process, as it is critical to have input and participation from those who will be the end users of the document. Ultimately, the City Council will be asked to review and adopt the proposed changes.

Please contact Associate Planner Brooke Eidem with questions or comments regarding this project, or the materials provided below. Minutes from Design Review Board meetings may be accessed in the Agenda Center.

Draft Historic District Design Standards Outline

Table of Contents/Document Outline
Preface & Introduction
Review Process

Commercial Design Standards

Commercial New Construction
Commercial Alterations

Residential Design Standards

Residential New Construction
Residential Alterations

Miscellaneous Elements Design Standards

Awnings & Canopies
Fences, Walls, and Railings
Development Within the Right-of-Way
Landscape Plants and Street Trees


Pre-Approved Items
Residential Architecture Styles of Snohomish
Prescriptive Sign Program Pre-Approved Elements
Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation