Building Inspections

Inspection Guidelines

Inspections are only conducted for the work identified on an issued permit. Approved plans and the issued permit must be posted and available for review on site.

Inspection Requests using the SSPP

All permits are now on the Self-Service Permit Portal (SSPP).  Inspections can be requested online. If you have an existing permit, click the link to create a user account.  If your user email matches what's on the original permit application, you will have immediate access to inspections and all other permit information.  Contact us to provide access to existing permits if your user email does not match or if you cannot remember which email address was used.

All requests must be submitted by 4:00 p.m. the previous business day for next-day inspections.

Inspection Schedules

Inspections requested through the SSPP will be forwarded to the inspector, who will add it to their daily schedule.  Once that happens, the SSPP will be updated with the schedule information.

While City Staff endeavors to accommodate requests for specific inspection times, scheduling is subject to staff availability. Inspection services are not available on weekends and federally observed holidays.  

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Certificate of Occupancy

A certificate of occupancy will be issued only after all building, mechanical, and plumbing permits have received final approval and after Public Works and Planning staff have confirmed that all requirements and conditions of approval have been met. Please allow up to a week for all departments to complete their inspections following notice that all work has been completed.


No changes or deviations shall be made to the approved plans without the written approval of the Building Official.


A re-inspection fee of $100 may be assessed for each inspection or re-inspection when such portion of the work for which inspection is called is not complete or when corrections called for are not made. This is not to be interpreted as requiring re-inspection fees the first time a job is rejected for failure to comply with code requirements, but as controlling the practice of calling for inspections before the job is not ready. When re-inspection fees have been assessed, no additional inspections will be performed until the fees have been paid.

Special Inspections

If special inspections are required, copies of all special inspection reports must be forwarded to the Building Division and a completion letter from the special inspection firm must be submitted.

Building Inspection Types
Inspection Type Description
Footing After trenches are excavated, forms erected, foundation bolts and steel in place and BEFORE concrete is poured. Property lines must be staked and string-lined for verification of setbacks. Materials for the foundation shall be on the job site, except where concrete is ready mixed in accordance with ASTM C94.
Foundation Wall
After forms erected, foundation bolts and steel in place and BEFORE concrete is poured (only when poured separately from footing).
Groundwork Plumbing
Before concrete slab is poured.
Concrete Slab / Underfloor
After in-slab or under floor reinforcing steel and building service equipment, conduit, piping accessories, insulation and other ancillary equipment items are in place, but before any concrete is placed or floor sheathing is installed, including the sub-floor.
Exterior Shear Walls
Includes exterior wall frame construction, covering, nailing, anchor bolt or hold down placement prior to placing permanent exterior wall covering. Alternate brace wall construction is considered part of this required inspection.
Gas Piping
Prior to backfill. Visual examination of the piping from the point of delivery to the appliance served, including pressure test. Where part of a medical gas system, third party certification is also required.
Water Service
From meter to building, done prior to backfill.
Rough Heat / Vent
After all ductwork, fans, heat appliances, and HVAC are installed and prior to covering with wall and ceiling material. Masonry fireplace requires separate inspection.
Rough Plumbing
Includes waste and vent, water supply and fixtures. Made after all drain, wastewater and gas piping are installed, strapped and under test. Building should be watertight.
Shear Wall Nailing
Required as applicable.
Framing After all previous inspections are approved. The rough electrical is to be inspected/approved by the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries Electrical Division PRIOR to requesting a framing inspection.
Insulation After all other cover approvals are obtained. An insulation certificate shall be on site at the time of final inspection.
Lath or Gypsum Board
Interior or exterior, before any plastering is applies and before the gypsum board and fasteners are taped and finished.
Drywall Nailing
Required after all sheetrock is up and before it is taped.
Fire Resistant Penetrations
Protection of joints and penetrations in fire resistance rated assemblies shall be inspected and approved before concealing from view.
Energy Efficiency
As required by the Washington State Energy Code
Other Inspections
Where required, the Building Official is authorized to make or require other inspections of any construction work to ascertain compliance with the provisions of the code and other laws enforced by the Department of Building Safety.
Final Inspection
After all work required by the building permit is completed. A final electrical inspection/approval by the Washington State Dept. of Labor & Industries Electrical Division is required PRIOR to calling for final inspection.
Miscellaneous Inspections - as required by permit type
Fire Alarm
Acceptance test, final.
Fire Sprinkler
Underground hydro, above ground acceptance test, above ground hydro, bucket test, heads/drops, hydrostatic test, tamper switch, and flow alarm.
Mechanical For over-the-counter mechanical permits: location, gas piping, final after fixtures are installed.
Plumbing For over-the-counter plumbing permits: rough plumbing, final after fixtures are installed.
Sign Footings, anchor install, final.
Fence Footings, final.