Carnegie Building

The historic Snohomish Carnegie Library Building is located at 105 Cedar Avenue, on the corner of Cedar and First Street in downtown Snohomish. The building is currently closed to the public. It needs wheelchair ramps and an elevator to be accessible to people with disabilities. And it ineeds major upgrades and maintenance work.

What will it take for the City to reopen the Carnegie Building?  City Council has asked staff to develop plans to re-open the Carnegie, remove an annex built in 1968, and build a small park on the site. The City effort will use a the 2011 Master Plan Update as a starting point. 

Past Carnegie Building outreach efforts have shown a strong public interest in preserving and improving the original 1910 library building, removing the 1968 Annex, and restoring the surrounding property to provide public gathering spaces.

Current Planning

City Council directed staff to develop a renovation project.  Approximately $1,650,000 may be available for the Carnegie project from existing City funds.

Public Input Process (Subject to revisions):

  • September 12, 2017 Public Meeting #1 (tentative date)
  • September 19, 2017 City Council Meeting (tentative date) to consider Consultant services to assist in public outreach and provide preliminary design and cost estimates.
  • December 2017 Public Meeting #2 – Consultant to present at least two scaled-down Master Plan Design Concepts
  • February 2018 Public Meeting #3 Preferred Concept
  • March 2018 City Council discusses preferred concept
  • Spring 2018 Consultant completes preliminary design and construction cost estimate

Building History

The Snohomish Carnegie Library was constructed in 1910 and served the public and its patrons for most of the 20th century.  An Annex was constructed in 1968 which removed the main entrance and added meeting and office space.  Library services moved to a new Sno-Isle Snohomish Library building in 2003.

Starting in 2005, the City partnered with the not-for-profit Snohomish Carnegie Foundation with the expectation the foundation would fund a restoration project and building operations.  To date, the Foundation’s efforts have yet to secure full capital improvement or operating funds.

Thanks to federal and state funding, the historic 1910 building received an approximate $1 million seismic and structure upgrade in 2013.

Damage in the roof underlayment was found in the Annex’s roof during preparation for a maintenance project in 2017.  The Annex ceiling has multiple leaks throughout the structure.  A complete building closure for safety reasons makes the need for improvements more immediate.

Past Planning Efforts

2005 Master Plan
2011 Master Plan
2011 Master Plan Update

The Snohomish Carnegie Library building is located at 105 Cedar Avenue. It was built in 1910. Library services moved to a new Sno-Isle Snohomish Library building in 2003. 

The building is currently closed to the public due to maintenance and safety issues.

The City, citizens, and the nonprofit Carnegie Education Foundation have gone through an extensive process to plan for the restoration and future use of the Snohomish Carnegie Library. A vision for the Carnegie Educational Center is sketched out in master plans developed in 2005 and 2011.

Background Information

2005 Master Plan
2011 Master Plan
2011 Master Plan Update