Concealed Weapons Permit

The Snohomish Police Department is only able to process concealed pistol license applications for residents of the City of Snohomish. 

If you live outside the city limits, in unincorporated Snohomish County, contact the Sheriff's Office to make an appointment at your local precinct. You can also visit the Snohomish County Courthouse in Everett.

Getting a Concealed Pistol License

What to Bring

You will need to show proof of identification and proof of address to complete the application process. Accepted photo identification is:

  • A current passport
  • A current Washington state driver’s license
  • A current Washington state identification card
  • Equivalent out of state identification
  • Law enforcement identification
  • Military identification card

Link to CPL Application Form

Fingerprinting Required

Fingerprinting for Concealed Weapons Permits is performed Monday through Friday from 8am to 3:30pm.  Please bring exact cash, check or money order.

Processing Time

The permit takes up to 30 days to process, and is then mailed to you.

Fees for Concealed Weapons Permits

  • Original Issue: $49.25
  • Renewal: $32.00
  • Late Renewal: $42.00
  • Replacement: $10.00