Dog Walker Resources

Snohomish has an active and vital downtown as well as distinct neighborhoods. One big reason is because of the walkable and dog friendly nature of our town. Snohomish’s personality is linked also with the welcoming, helpful nature of our residents and the City’s safe reputation.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, you will find resources here to help you and your dog get around, explore new walks, or seek out a new city trail.

​Safety First: As dog walkers, you are in an ideal position to help us keep Snohomish safe. While exploring Snohomish, if you notice a safety issue, please report it. Here are some resources:

​As always, if you witness an emergency, report it immediately to 911. This includes accidents, medical emergencies, or fires. Any situation where a response is critical and an individual’s life or safety may be at immediate risk.

​If you see a situation that may be a non-emergent concern, please report it to Snohomish County’s non-urgent reporting telephone number: 425-407-3999. These might include, but are not limited to, a fire hazard, or a broken water pipe. In addition, if you see signs of drug use, including abandoned paraphernalia, while exploring Snohomish, do not try to clean it up yourself, but please report it to the non-emergency telephone number.

​If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately, call 911 or Puget Sound Energy at 1-888-255-5773  You can also review PSE's safety brochure here.

Snohomish also wants to know of road, sidewalk, and pathway concerns you may encounter. These are not emergencies, but could represent a risk to safety of our citizens and visitors. For example, if you find a lifted section of pavement, a pothole, an unmarked ridge or road edge, rail, path erosion or debris, such as downed branches or loose gravel on a paved surface, even graffiti, please report your concerns to the City here , or by calling (360) 568-3115.

​ For any report, be ready with the following information:

* the time you noticed the issue
​* the specific location
​* a description of what you saw or found
​* take a picture if you safely can
​* be willing to give your name, address, and contact information

General Resources

​Dogs on a leash are welcome on all city streets. Many of the City’s restaurants offer outdoor seating; well-behaved dogs are generally welcome in these areas. As always, please ask.

​* Water Fountains are available in most City parks, as well as on First Street; and Centennial Trail at the north side of Sixth Street
​* Public Restrooms are available on First Street, Ferguson Park, Hill Park, and Pilchuck Park.

Dog Walker Specific Resources

​ Dog Friendly Water Fountains
​* First Street (south side) at the foot of Avenue C
​* Centennial Trail, at the north side of 6th Street
​* And many merchants on First Street put bowls of water out for dogs.

Dog Friendly Parks and Trails (see Facebook Page “Snohomish Dog Walkers and Friends”). These are parks that welcome dogs, on leash. However, dogs are never allowed in the playground areas.
​* Ferguson Park
​* Centennial Trail
​* Kla-Ha-Ya Park
​* Morgantown Park
​* The Riverfront Trail (from Kla-Ha-Ya Park, on First Street, to Cady Landing, at 40 Maple Ave)
​* Centennial Trail (the gateway to which is just east of McDaniel’s Hardware on Second Street)
​* Abandoned railroad grade path behind the Aquatic Center (from Maple at 6th Street to Avenue D) Veterinarians
​ * Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital (24 Hour Emergency Service)
​* Mountain View Animal Hospital, 107 Maple Ave.
​* Snohomish Veterinary Hospital 1109 13th Street

Dog Waste Stations (waste bag dispensers and disposal). It’s the law, you have to scoop!
​* Riverfront trail (east end at Cady Park, and behind Todo Mexico Restaurant)
​* Centennial trail at various spots
​* Wastewater Treatment Facility (where First Street ends at Second Street, at the west end of both.)
​* Aquatic Center Trail (at the beginning and end of the abandoned railroad grade behind the Aquatic Center).
​* Ferguson Park at the restrooms.

Note: Please do not take your dog to the Riverview Wildlife Refuge. This park is dedicated to wildlife and its people.