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Oct 22

Snohomish Aquatic Center

Posted on October 22, 2013 at 8:35 AM by Debbie Emge

Snohomish Aquatic CenterIt seems like just yesterday we attended the ground-breaking ceremony for the  Snohomish Aquatic Center. Those first digs into the ground are now covered by the recreational pool, where we'll watch the community's kids splashing around and giggling with joy. We got to go inside with Chris Bensen, newly appointed Director, to get a sneak peek at the progress. Donning hard hat and safety vest, we took notes and pictures to give you this update. So here's the scoop.

First, let's talk about Chris.

As Director, Chris serves as a liaison between the YMCA of Snohomish County and the Snohomish School District which owns the center. Her duties are vast and all encompassing as we found out while taking the tour. Chris was appointed in August and moved from Long Island, NY to take up her post here. It's a good thing, because this state-of-the-art facility is a whirlwind of activity. Having her here to manage the process is keeping everything on track for the Grand Opening in January.

"I'm here everyday, and I'm still wowed by this project," she said as we made our way into the building where the old gym stands.

The Old Gym

There were hopes the gym could be updated to offer another recreational component to the aquatic center. Unfortunately, this part of the site is in need of renovation.  Due to lack of funding,  for now, it will be closed off with a hallway leading to it for any future plans.

The New Aquatic Center

Walking into the recreational pool area was breathtaking. The open floor plan makes it so there are no obstructions blocking views in what will be a busy area for the center. This area houses what they're calling the Splashtacular Slide. This 20-foot high slide will swoop kids inside a 150-foot long curvy path outside the building before winding back inside the building and plunging into the pool. There is also a Flowrider body boarding and surfing simulator, lazy river, shallow wading pool for the kiddies, hot tub for adults, and the pool for swimming lessons, aquatic basketball, and other activities.

And then there's the competitive pool. It is amazing and we can't wait to watch meets here. This 10-lane aquatic beauty has a Colorado Timing System and 10 panel display board, sound buffer panels that look like art, a gallery for 420 spectators with handicap lift, and is separated from the recreational area by a larger than life glass wall. It's beautiful.

So here's a list of things that stood out to us that you might want to jot down. Stay up to date with progress on the Snohomish Aquatic Center Facebook page, and mark your calendar for a January opening. *Hint - you might want to start thinking about your kid's birthday parties here next year! Scroll down for photo gallery!

A Few Things That Stood Out

  • There will be a cafe! It will have local fare from some of our favorite eateries
  • The 'Lounge' will be a place to drink that latte, and look in on older children through another giant glass wall
  • Swimming lessons will be offered through the YMCA from beginner to advanced
  • The Flowrider surfing simulator will allow kids who are 42" high to body board, and kids who are 52" high to surf
  • The Flowrider and other areas of the recreational center will be available to rent for birthdays and other parties
  • The competitive pool is 7' deep in the shallow end and 12.5' deep
  • Swim teams will have a separate entrance and locker rooms.
  • Snohomish and Glacier Peak High School will each have their own awards showcase display window
  • The banding rules will mirror those of the YMCA and apply to the slide and pool area
  • Lockers are made out of composite material - no rusting
  • The Snohomish Aquatic Center will employ 60-80 employees at full capacity
  • The temperature in the Olympic pool will be between 78 & 80 degrees, with the recreational pool at around 86 degrees
  • Rather than chlorine, the pool is chlorinated by a combination of salt, UV light and carbon dioxide. The salt content is the same as the salt in your tears


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