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Jun 12

Snohomish Parks and Recreation

Posted on June 12, 2014 at 4:00 PM by Debbie Emge

School's almost out for Summer, which means it's time for picnics, fishing and general kicking up of heels and sandals at the park. Snohomish has a zillion parks to choose from it seems. From "pocket parks" to parks filled with amenities, there will be no shortage of places to take the family for some fun in the sun. Here's a short video of some of the parks we mention below! *Scroll down to see some exciting news about the future of our park projects.

CLICK HERE  for a video tour of our parks.


This is a charming park west of Avenue D. It just received new play equipment last year, and is what the city calls a "pocket park." It serves many neighborhoods and is an important part of the community.

CADY LANDING 40 Maple Avenue

If you follow Maple Avenue south, you'll arrive at the boat launch and Cady Landing. This park is suitable for people waiting for fisherman, or accessing the Riverfront Trail which leads to all of Historic Downtown shops and eateries.

FERGUSON PARK 1330 Ferguson Park

With play equipment and access to another boat launch, Ferguson Park is located near Haggen and the Post Office. After running errands you can take the kids to explore and burn off some energy.


This is another pocket park serving neighborhoods off 13th Street in Snohomish.

HILL PARK 1610 Park

This is a gorgeous park on Blackman's Lake and has all park amenities including bathroom facilities, and covered picnic areas. It's beautiful and peaceful and a great way to spend a sunny day.

KLA HA YA PARK 1117 First

This park can be accessed along the Riverfront Trail or from above on First Street. It has sprawling grass and picnic benches for picnics and watching life go by.


This is a neat park serving neighborhoods east of Maple and is located between Short and Long Streets. A gravel parking lot outlines the parking areas in this neighborhood. Fields and play equipment make this a great spot for playing.


You've likely been to this park to watch sports, but during the summer it is a fun spot to meet friends and shoot hoops, picnic and enjoy all the beauty surrounding you. This park has full amenities as well.


Adjacent to the Boys and Girls Club, this skate park gets used by kids young and old. The things they can do on their skates and bicycles is amazing. Head on down and check out some of the tricks they do!

Photo Jun 05, 3 34 17 PM


We spoke with Ann Stanton, project manager for parks and recreation in Snohomish, and the big news is the purchase of the Eastside Rail Corridor by Snohomish County. We wrote about this project in a post here, and are excited at the prospects of an "excursion rail" or Dinner Train, and a commuter rail that will put residents who live in Snohomish at their job site in say, Woodinville.

The city purchased another parcel of land, which you can read more about here, which will include an off-leash dog park and walking trails to serve the planned 200 homes that are projected to be built over the next few years.

This city is also planning to close on a purchase of land from the Stocker family along Lincoln Street, a popular place for drop-in fishing and parking for the many soccer competitions that compete here. Plans for this 20-acre parcel are mostly conservation, with the land being used much the same as it is used now, with hopes to extend the Riverfront Trail to Lincoln Street, and onward toward Monroe.

Ann put it best, Snohomish is developing as a place for an "urban lifestyle  in the country." But with all of these recent changes and future developments, the city wonders if there is an area of parks and recreation that we are not meeting. If you have thoughts please send an email to Ann.


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