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2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update Questionnaire

  1. Welcome to the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Questionnaire!

    Did you know there are people at the City of Snohomish who spend their days thinking about where people might want to live, work, shop, do art, play sports, exercise, and grow food in the City?  Planners, engineers, and other City staff work each day on projects to help make Snohomish the best place for you and your family.  They try to balance things - like traffic, housing, and parks - to make sure the land is being used in the best and most efficient way.  Other staff spend their days making sure the important parts of the City, like water, sewer, and roads, are working and safe.

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  3. Future Land Use map 2021
  4. The Comprehensive plan is the centerpiece of local planning efforts.  It lays out the goals, objectives, policies, actions, and levels of service to guide the day-to-day decisions of local government.  Required elements within the Comprehensive Plan include Land Use, Housing, Transportation, Parks, Utilities, Capital Facilities, and Economic Development.  The City also has elements for Environmental Protection and Shorelines.

    The map to the left is the City's Future Land Use Map, which is a required item in the Land Use element of the Comprehensive Plan.   This map identifies how the City envisions growth to occur, by allocating basic land uses throughout the City and its Urban Growth Areas (UGAs).  This differs from the Zoning Map because the designations are much less detailed.

    A larger version of this map can be found in the current Comprehensive Plan, linked below.  What do you think of this arrangement?  Does it look right to you?  Does it provide enough land for all the different types of uses that a City - your City - needs to thrive and contribute to your quality of life?

  5. Every ten years, the City has to update its Comprehensive Plan as required by the State (RCW 36.70A).  This means we talk to the community to find out their ideas to make the City better.  Some people may want a hotel, others want more sidewalks, and some want wider variety in restaurants, shops, or markets.  The feedback we receive from you becomes part of the Comprehensive Plan and helps the City plan for its future.

    So when you think about the City of Snohomish over the next 20 years, what do you want to see?

  6. First, here are some things to consider:
    • Where do people live?  What type of homes do they live in?  Do we need more housing options, or is it just right?
    • Where do people work and go to school?  What jobs are there?
    • How do people get around?  
    • Could you walk to the store/work/run errands/go out to eat if you wanted to?
    • What do people do for fun in Snohomish?  Is it indoors or outdoors?
    • Where does our water come from?  Where does the sewage go?
    • How do we keep our air and rivers clean?
    • Is there room for wildlife?
    • Where does our food come from?
    • Will the younger generation be able to stay in Snohomish when they're ready to move out on their own?
    • Can people stay in Snohomish as they grow older (age in place), or will they have to move to a different city to have their changing needs met as they age?
  7. 1. Are you a community member?*

    Check all that apply.

  8. 4. Which best reflects your position on growth in Snohomish?*

    Select one.

  9. 5. Should population growth be distributed evenly across the city or focused into certain areas?*

    Select one.

  10. Refer to the map above to help you think about this one.

  11. 6. Do you own a home in the City of Snohomish?
  12. 6a1. Could you afford to buy a home in Snohomish today?
  13. 6a2. Would you be able to afford to buy your home in today's market?

    Think about how much your home is worth today.  Could you afford to buy it at its current value?

  14. 9. What are your top priorities for the future?

    What programs do you think are most important to maintaining a high quality of life?  

    Click the image below to tell us.

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  15. 10. What do you love most about Snohomish?

    Click the image below to tell us.

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  16. 12. Would you be interested in participating in future surveys?
  17. Thank you!

    Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!  Your answers will be compiled and presented to City leaders as we continue through the Comprehensive Plan update process.

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