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Public Comment on Development Proposal

  1. Providing public comments on development applications
    Land use applications have public comment periods to allow neighbors and the general public to weigh in on the proposal. These periods are usually associated with a Notice (of Application, of SEPA Determination, or of Public Hearing), but comments can typically be provided at any time throughout the review process. Comments that are specific and related to a code requirement are much easier to take into consideration, and can result in a project correction, a condition of approval, or sometimes even grounds for denial. Please only use this form for one project at a time; single comments that reference multiple projects are less likely to be considered.
  2. This helps us identify which project your comments refer to. Please only comment on one project per form.
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    Parties of record will receive updates and additional notices about the project, including the Decision. Only parties of record have standing to appeal a decision. Contact information is required.
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