Economic Development

Welcome to Snohomish!

The City of Snohomish is ideally located for business and pleasure. At the nexus of Highway 9 and Highway 2 (and just a few minutes away from I-9 and WA-522), Snohomish provides easy access to regional industries such as aerospace, maritime, and medical. We also sit at the confluence of the Snohomish and Pilchuck Rivers, making Snohomish a beautiful place to live, work, and play.

While we're known for our antiques, we're proud to be home to a diverse business community. From mom & pop shops in our historic downtown to major retailers at Snohomish Station, light manufacturing to a burgeoning wedding industry, Snohomish has a little bit of everything. 

Interested in doing business in Snohomish? Contact Economic Development & Outreach Coordinator Brady Begin with any questions

Ready to get started? Learn more about doing business in Snohomish here.

Historic Downtown Snohomish

The Snohomish Historic District was the first of its kind in Snohomish County and made Snohomish famous as the "Antique Capital of the Northwest." While antiquing is still a cornerstone of our historic downtown, you'll also find a variety of boutiques, coffee shops, bars and restaurants, and professional services.

In addition to being a vibrant shopping destination, historic downtown Snohomish is also where the community comes to gather for special events. From institutions like Kla Ha Ya Days (an annual summer festival over 100 years old) and the Snohomish Farmers Market to newer events such as the Snohomish Block Party and Snohomish Art Walk, there is ample opportunity to celebrate what makes Snohomish special.

Downtown businesses are supported by the Historic Downtown Snohomish Association (HDSA), a nonprofit dedicated to promoting, preserving, and improving the downtown historic district as the heart and soul of Snohomish. Learn more about HDSA here.

Pilchuck District

The Pilchuck District, located immediately east of the historic business district, is home to a mix of commercial and residential uses. The district was created in 2011 and is unique in its use of a hybrid form-based code that uses physical form as its organizing principle, rather than separation of incompatible uses.

Multifamily tax exemptions and transfers of development rights incentivize development in the Pilchuck District. Learn more from our Department of Planning & Development Services here.

Midtown District

The Midtown District is a mixed-use area along Avenue D with its own zoning designation. The goal of the district is to revitalize the area through commercial and residential development that is consistent with the architectural character of Snohomish. 

Our Department of Planning & Development Services was honored for their work on the Midtown District with an award from the Washington Planning Association in the category of Comprehensive Plan: Small Cities & Counties. Learn more about the district's development guidelines here.


Simply put, there's no place like Snohomish. Between our well-preserved downtown, vibrant events scene, and the scenic backdrop of the Snohomish and Pilchuck Rivers, Snohomish River Valley, and Cascade Mountains, Snohomish is an ideal destination for visitors near and far.

2023 Lodging Tax Grant Program

Do you have an event or project designed to bring visitors to Snohomish? Your program may be eligible for grant funding provided by the City of Snohomish Lodging Tax Advisory Commission (LTAC). The Lodging Tax Grant Program is funded by the special hotel/motel tax levied on lodging stays within Snohomish city limits.