The City's most requested maps are available here Two interactive maps allow you to enter an address to see if a property is in city limits, and its zoning designation.

For information on property parcel numbers and recent sales, visit the Snohomish County Online Property Information Interactive Map.

City of Snohomish Maps

City of Snohomish Boundary Map

To determine whether a property is within Snohomish City limits, enter the address into the search field below.

If the property is outside the shaded area, it is in unincorporated Snohomish County, not in city limits. To reach Snohomish County, call 425-388-3411.

Interactive Map of Land Use Designations

Learn the zoning designation of a property in City limits by entering the address into the search field on this interactive map.

Only properties in city limits will have detailed information.

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