Community Calendar Request

Community Calendar Request

  1. Community Event Calendar Request Form

    The City of Snohomish hosts a community event calendar. To be included on this calendar, your event must: 

    • Occur within Snohomish city limits, or
    • Be hosted by an organization based within Snohomish city limits, or
    • Benefits an organization based within Snohomish city limits or the community as a whole . 

    To verify whether your event is within city limits, enter the address on the City of Snohomish boundary map.

    Events must be: 

    • Free to the public and open to all ages, or
    • Sponsored by a non-profit organization or; 
    • Civic, cultural or education oriented. (Cultural or arts event, must improve the community or address a wider social issue. Education event, participants leave with an understanding or skill.) 

    If your event meets the above parameters,  please complete the request form below. 

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  5. Event may be added to the City calendar at the discretion of staff.

    An event posted on the City's Community Event calendar does not imply City of Snohomish endorsement, support, or sponsorship of the event, organizer or benefiting agency/organization. 

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