Street Maintenance

Street Crew

The street crew is responsible for the maintenance of 40 miles of streets and they perform a variety of improvements.

The crew typically will:
  • Patch and maintain the street surface
  • Maintain and replace traffic signs
  • Maintain pavement painting and markings
  • Prepare street surfaces for overlays
  • Perform paving projects for city facilities
  • Work with other city crews on joint projects

Truck Routes

Per city ordinance, trucks are limited to the following streets:
  • All of Second Street
  • First Street from Avenue D to Second Street
  • All of Avenue D
  • All of Bickford Avenue within the City limits
  • 30th Street from Bickford Avenue to Lake Avenue
  • 16th Street from Bonneville Avenue to the west City limits
  • Pine Avenue between Second Street and Maple Avenue
  • Maple Avenue from Pine Avenue to the north City limits
  • Bonneville Avenue within the City limits
  • Lincoln Avenue from Second Street to the south City limits
For a map of City limits, see our Maps page.
See the city code on truck routes and definitions.