Water System

Water Meter Information

Water is measured in hundreds of cubic feet (100 cubic feet = 748 gallons). The sewer consumption rate is based on your water use.

Meters are read every other month. City meter readers use a hand-held device to record the readings. The device then imports the information into the city’s computers making the meter reading faster and more accurate.

Water Conservation

The City encourages residents and businesses to save water, especially during the summer months when demand for water is highest. A summer yard watering calendar reminds you to water only every 3 days, if needed.

Residents can get water conservation kits. 

Indoor kits include: 

  • Water efficient shower head at 1.75 gpm
  • 2 faucet aerators (bathroom) at 1.0 gpm
  • Dual spray swivel faucet aerator (kitchen) at 1.5 gpm
  • Teflon tape for installation

Outdoor kits include:

  • Outdoor hose nozzle
  • Moisture meter - ladybug or frog
  • Lawn watering timer

Both kits are available for pick-up at City Hall, 116 Union Avenue, or you can contact Ann Ray by email or phone (360-282-3165) for delivery.

System Operations

 Typical duties for the City distribution crew include:

  • Repairing water mains
  • Sampling for chlorine
  • Locating services
  • Flush dead-end mains
  • Inspecting and exercising the system
  • Replacing and maintaining fire hydrants
  • Maintain the City’s reservoirs