Swifty Creek Project

Swifty Creek is conveyed in a 24-inch storm pipe from Second Street to the Snohomish River, located mostly on private property and inaccessible to City staff. This project consists of constructing approximately 1,100 linear feet of 36-inch storm pipe and connecting the existing storm system. These improvements from Second Street (east of Cedar Avenue), south along Glen Avenue, Union Avenue to First Street, will help Swifty Creek flow conveyance and reduce property flooding. 

On April 4, 2023, drilling will occur on Union Avenue north of First Street, Glen Avenue south of Second Street, and Glen Avenue north of Second Street.  The drilling is for the Swifty Creek Storm Improvement Project soils investigation.

A cultural resources consultant will be at the Pioneer Cemetery in April to investigate the site prior to the geotechnical investigation that will occur later in the month. The cultural resources consultant will identify an area that will not disturb any of the grave sites at the cemetery for the geotechnical investigation that will involve drilling to obtain soil samples for the bank stabilization project design. Excavation will occur as part of the cultural resources site investigation. The State Department of Archaeology & Historic Preservation has issued a permit for this work and the Tribes have been notified.

Design and permitting will take place in 2023-2024, with construction scheduled to begin in 2025.