What are the benefits of a shared campus?

Locating fire suppression and police services in one area will improve public safety by allowing for a combined emergency response. Consolidating city services in the same area will be more efficient for the public and cost-effective for taxpayers. The City currently has staff and equipment scattered across a half dozen locations, some in facilities that are over a century old. The infrastructure no longer meets the service needs of our growing community. The maintenance costs are significant, which reduces the amount of revenue the City has for programs and services people want. Sharing space means residents can access all the services they need in one area. In addition, all three agencies would be located in a facility that is more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Several other cities in Snohomish County have recently moved to—or are in the process of developing—a similar model, including Granite Falls, Marysville, Lake Stevens, and Mountlake Terrace.

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1. What does this mean for the City’s current Public Works Shop site, or potential development of “the pit” on City property located off Three Lakes Road?
2. What are the benefits of a shared campus?
3. How will it be paid for?