Community Engagement & Strategic Initiatives

The mission of the Community Engagement and Strategic Initiatives Department is to improve City policies and services to equitably address the needs of the whole community through engagement, communications, and partnerships to build a resilient and sustainable future. Our work includes emergency preparedness, community outreach and engagement, economic development, policy development and process mapping to improve equitable access to City services, and connecting community members to existing mental health, substance use, housing, and other human and health services.

Economic Development

Simply put, there's no place like Snohomish. Between our historic downtown, vibrant events scene, and the scenic backdrop of the Snohomish and Pilchuck Rivers, Snohomish River Valley, and Cascade Mountains, Snohomish is an ideal destination for visitors near and far.


From Kla Ha Ya Days to the Snohomish Famers Market, Snohomish is host to a variety of events and activities throughout the year. 

Emergency Preparedness

The City of Snohomish Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (SNO-CEMP) establishes an allhazards approach to enhance the City’s ability to manage emergencies and disasters, and is promulgated as an Annex under the Snohomish County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (SC-CEMP). Its purpose is to save lives; protect public health, safety, property, the economy, and the environment; and foster a return to a normal way of life. 

Community Services & Resources

Do you or someone in your family need food assistance? Do you have a neighbor who is looking for childcare? Need assistance with making utility payments? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of services in the community and surrounding areas, including housing, childcare, clothing, and more.

Latest News

Check out the latest news alerts from the City and the Snohomish Quarterly.