Development Projects Currently Under Review


In coordination with Snohomish Health District rules, the City's Planning & Development Services Department is closed in order to slow the spread of the coronavirus/COVID-19.

Staff will be available by appointment only (made at least one day prior) for permit application intake and permit issuance only.

All other inquiries, please call or email.

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Development projects on vacant land and larger redevelopment projects typically require a staff review and public comment period before the applicant can break ground. Projects currently under review are listed below along with associated application materials.

If you want to be considered a "party of record" for a particular project, submit a comment.

PP20-0001 / PRD20-0001  Walsh Hills (1705/1711 Terrace Avenue)

A 113-lot subdivision of a 19.29-acre site, comprised of a 19-unit PRD where the site is zoned Single Family and a 94-unit Unit Lot Subdivision where it is zoned for multi-family dwellings.  The project includes internal roadways, frontage improvements to Terrace Avenue, open space, critical areas enhancement and protection, utility improvements, street trees, and a new park for residents.

A webpage has been set up for this project due to its size.  This page will be kept up to date with new submittals and additional information.  Click here.

Walsh Hills documents

SDP20-0006 Cedar Urban Townhomes

A four-unit townhouse development within two separate buildings on an approximately 0.18 acre site at 225 Cedar Avenue.  The proposed project includes associated parking, site and frontage improvements, utilities, and landscaping.

225 Cedar Site Development Plan documents

SP20-0001  805 13th St Short Plat

A three-lot residential subdivision of a 0.54-acre site, with the existing home to be maintained on proposed Lot 2.  As proposed the lots will take access from Hillcrest Drive.  The project includes utilities, frontage improvements, and street trees.

805 13th St Short Plat documents

SDP20-0005 Site Development Plan - St. John’s Episcopal Church Addition

The applicant is proposing to construct a new three-story, 3,516 square foot addition to the parish hall and sanctuary located at 913 Second Street to provide accessible entrances to all floors of both buildings. The project also includes an elevator, and new stairs and ramps.  Notice of Decision was issued September 9, 2020.

St. John's Episcopal Church SDP Documents

SDP20-0004  Site Development Plan - Boys & Girls Club Addition

The applicant is proposing to construct a 3,200 square foot addition to the existing Snohomish Boys & Girls Club facility at 402 Second Street for a teen activity center.

Snohomish Boys & Girls Club SDP Documents

SL20-0002 Shoreline Substantial Development Permit - 1405 Avenue A Residential Lots 

The applicant proposes lot development and construction of a single-family home on a previously approved subdivision located partially within the Shoreline jurisdiction.  Notice of Decision was issued March 30, 2020.


1405 Avenue A SSDP documents

CV20-0005 701 Second Street Site Work

The applicant proposes site/civil improvements to an existing gas station/convenience store, including removal and replacement of two, 12,000 gallon underground fuel tanks, regrading and resurfacing, and a new oil/water separator on a fully paved and developed, 0.14-acre site

Snohomish Texaco Site/Civil documents

SDP19-003 Emil’s Walk – Lincoln Avenue

The applicant is proposing a mixed use development consisting of five residential units and one commercial space within two separate, three-story buildings. The proposed project includes associated parking, site and frontage improvements, utilities, landscaping and open space areas.  Notice of Decision was issued June 23, 2020.

Emil’s Walk SDP documents

SL19-0001  Wastewater Treatment Plant PAA Disinfection

The applicant proposes to transition the City’s effluent disinfection at the Wastewater Treatment Plant from chlorination to Peracetic Acid (PAA). The project will add an 80 square foot chemical metering building with PAA dosing equipment, controls, required safety features and HVAC, electrical, lighting, and plumbing. A 200 square foot canopy structure is proposed for PAA containment.  A Shoreline Substantial Development Permit is required.  Notice of Decision was issued January 10, 2020.

Wastewater Treatment Plant PAA documents

01-19-SDP  Tiny House Hotel - 120 Willow Avenue

The applicant is proposing an 8-unit hotel development with lobby, comprised of nine "tiny house" structures.  The project will include grading, utilities and infrastructure improvements, on-site parking, and landscaping.  Notice of Decision was issued April 6, 2020. 

Tiny House Hotel documents

22-18-SDP  Tenth Street Multi-family - 1209 Tenth Street

The applicant is proposing a 26-unit multi-family development within three separate buildings on a 2.04-acre site.  The project includes grading, utilities and infrastructure improvements, on-site parking, landscaping, and critical areas mitigation for wetland buffer impacts.  Notice of Decision was issued February 6, 2020.

Tenth Street MFR documents

Permit Activity Reports

The permit activity reports contains information about building and development permits applied for and issued in the city during the specified week.

Permit Types:

Following is a list of codes that corresponds to “Type” in the activity reports. For information on permit types not included below, please contact City staff.


Commercial Alteration


Residential Alteration


Boundary Line Adjustment


Commercial Industrial
(new structure)


Site Civil Construction



Conditional Use Permit




Final Plat


Final Short Plat




Grading permit


Multi-Family Structure (new structure)


Preliminary Plat


Planned Residential Development


Preliminary Short Plat


Environmental Review


Single Family Residence
(new structure)


Shoreline Permit


Tenant Improvement




Minor Variance