Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is a partnership between city residents and the Snohomish Police Department to improve communication and safety, as well as to prevent crime. 


Neighborhood Watch is built upon the notion that crime prevention is a shared responsibility. Citizens help by: 

  • Reporrting crime and suspicious activity when you see it
  • Getting acquainted with your neighbors
  • Reducing the opportunity for crime to occur in your neighborhood

Research indicates that organized neighborhoods suffer fewer crime and quality of life issues than those communities that are unorganized. 

Snohomish Neighborhood Groups

Several neighborhoods of the City have already Neighborhood Watch programs. 

  • Morgantown
  • Weaver Way
  • Downtown Corridor

Members do not ‘hit the streets’ and perform police-like patrol duties. Rather, residents act as coordinated citizen observers, learn what constitutes reportable suspicious activity, and act as the eyes and ears for local police.


The role of the City and local police in these programs is limited. We provide the information that is contained in the National Neighborhood Watch Program and to coordinate city wide events that provide residents with the opportunities to interact with other Neighborhood Watch Captains and members. The city and law enforcement do not provide training outside of the materials and information outlined in the national program.

Benefits of Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood Watch . . .

  • Reduces your risk of being a victim of crime
  • Trains you how to observe and report suspicious behavior
  • Gets you acquainted with your neighbors
  • Keeps you informed of criminal activity in your area
  • Creates a connection to the deputies who patrol your neighborhood
  • Teaches you how to address neighborhood nuisances
  • Gives you a greater sense of security Empowers and strengthens your neighborhood

The Block Watch program is not intended to form citizen crime watch patrol or vigilante groups. You are asked only to report the situation to the police and let us handle it. It is not a good idea to confront any suspicious person (s) or attempt to make an arrest yourself; your safety could be in jeopardy.