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Economic Development

  1. City of Snohomish Neighborhood Watch Sign-up

    Sign up to actively participate in the City of Snohomish Neighborhood Watch Program. Active participation includes the following: 1.... More…

  2. Community Calendar Request

    For community partners and stakeholders to request an event to be published on the City of Snohomish community calendar

  3. Roundabout Banner Reservation Request

    Please complete the application below to reserve dates for installing your special event banner at the roundabout on Avenue D (north... More…

  4. Volunteer Need Request Form

    Complete this form if you are in need of volunteers in Snohomish

  1. City of Snohomish Special Event Permit Application

    Apply to receive a special event permit form from the City of Snohomish for your event or activity. The City of Snohomish requires a... More…

  2. Mobile Food Vendor Permit Request

    Please submit this form to request a mobile food vendor permit. A mobile food vendor is defined as a business that, as its principal... More…

  3. Snohomish Carnegie Building Facility Use Request

    This form to be used to request a reservation for the Snohomish Carnegie Building located at 105 Cedar Avenue, Snohomish, WA.... More…