Building Code Information

The State Building Code Council has adopted the 2018 editions of the codes below, with amendments. These codes went into effect February 1, 2021.

2021 IRC Significant Changes

Which Codes are in Effect?

2018 International Building Code – WAC 51-50

2018 International Residential Code – WAC 51-51

2018 International Mechanical Code – WAC 51-52

2017 NFPA 54, National Fuel Gas Code – WAC 51-52-21000

2018 Edition of NFPA 58, Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code – WAC 51-52

2018 International Fuel Gas Code - WAC 51-52

2018 International Fire Code – WAC 51-54

2018 Uniform Plumbing Code & Standards – WAC 51–56 and WAC 51-57

2018 Washington State Energy Code – (International Energy Conservation Code) - WAC 51-11

2018 International Existing Building Code-WAC 51-50

Design Requirements
Design Wind Speed: 110 mph (Exposure B or C depending on location)
Ground Snow Load:  25 psf (Uniform, non-reducible)
Snowdrift:  25 psf ground snow loads shall be considered
Seismic Zone:  D, E
Rainfall:  2 inches/hour for roof drainage design
Frost Line Depth:  18 inches

Where can I view/purchase these codes?

A variety of sources to purchase these codes are available online. They are also available for purchase directly through the Washington Association of Building Officials bookstore. Copies of the codes are always available for viewing at City Hall. Also, many libraries keep copies of current "standard codes" (though they may not include local amendments).

Washington State amendments can be downloaded for free on the Washington State Building Code Council's website. State amendments are also available for purchase in hard copy through the WABO bookstore.