Virtual Counter Appointment

With a Virtual Counter appointment you can get all the information you need and interact in real time with City staff from the comfort of your home or office.  Just click the button below to schedule an appointment that utilizes screen sharing technology.  Virtual counter appointments provide interaction with City staff from selected departments.  The button will direct you to an online form, where you describe your project or issue, list the questions you have, tell us who you need to speak with, and what your preferred dates/times to meet are.

Please note that virtual counter appointments are intended for those wanting an interactive experience with staff, including sharing screens.  A device with an internet connection, microphone, and web camera are necessary.  However, if you do not need that option or do not have the capability to do a virtual meeting, you can always telephone or email City staff directly to get information or to schedule an in-person appointment.  See below for more information about how to do that. 

If you have questions about a specific potential development project the best way to get feedback from staff is through the Pre-Application review process. Pre-Applications are intended as a way to get detailed information about relevant codes, permitting processes, fees, and any potential issues related to a conceptual project. See below for more information about the Pre-Application process.

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Choosing the Right Staff People for Your Meeting


Select Permitting staff to ask general questions about the permitting process, go over submittal checklists and requirements, or assist with questions about permit applications, or the Self-Service Permit Portal (SSPP).  Appointments with Permitting staff will provide interaction with City webpages and the SSPP.

Planning, Building, and Engineering

Select Planning/zoning, building/fire, and Engineering/public works options from the registration form to go over questions about properties in Snohomish city limits, requirements for future projects, code questions, pre-application comments, and permitting/plan review processes.  Appointments with the plan review staff from these departments provide interaction with City webpages, mapping data, and other City resources.  You also have the opportunity to share your screen with conceptual or preliminary plans.

Planning / Zoning

Land use, zoning, setbacks, critical areas, design review, signs, fencing, landscaping

Building / Fire

Residential or commercial building construction or fire code

Engineering / Public Works

Site work, utilities, earthwork, paving, driveways, work in the right-of-way

In-person meetings

If none of the above options are what you need, or if a Virtual Counter appointment is not what you want to do, you can always schedule an in-person appointment.  If you know who you want to meet with, email or telephone them directly.  Click here for a staff directory.  If you are not sure who you need to talk to, call the Permit Center at 360-282-3156 for guidance.  You can also call the Permit Center for answers to general questions about a permit, project, or property. 

Pre-Application Reviews

Pre-Application Reviews are what you want to do if you are considering a specific project.  They are an opportunity to get early guidance from the City on policies, regulations, standards, submittal requirements, and code compliance before investing in the project.  City comments are provided in writing and are offered free of charge.  In order to request a Pre-Application, you will need to provide some basic information about the proposal and conceptual drawings.  Pre-Applications are requested through the Self-Service Permit Portal.