Transportation Benefit District

Cities form Transportation Benefit Districts to help fund street projects such as maintenance, repaving, and safety improvements. In 2011, Snohomish voters formed a Transportation Benefit District and approved an additional two tenths of one percent (0.2%) sales tax to fund the district from 2012 to 2021.  The City Council recently approved presenting the renewal of the sales tax (not an increase) to the voters on the August 3, 2021 ballot.

The Transportation Benefit District (TBD) boundary includes all areas within the city limits, and is governed by the Snohomish City Council. Every year the district publishes an annual report (PDF) on its work.

Asphalt Paving Machines at work

Since 2012, the City has collected approximately $7 million from TBD sales taxes. The City has also been awarded approximately $5 million from State and Federal grants to support TBD projects. To date, the TBD program has funded the paving of approximately five miles of street and two intersection projects. The following are some of the street projects that have been completed or currently funded by the TBD program:

  • 15th Street/Avenue D Roundabout ( 2015)
  • 30th Street at Highway 9  widening ( 2017)
  • Terrace Avenue Paving (2019)
  • Emerson Street Paving (2020)
  • Bickford Avenue Paving (2021)
  • Fourth Street Paving (2021)

The Transportation Benefit District Program Review was presented to Council during the September 15, 2020 Council meeting. Staff Report begins on page 91 and provides more information about the program. The TBD Priority Array begins on Page 95 of the Council Agenda. This shows a list of the completed street paving projects that were funded by the TBD Program and a tentative schedule for future roads. This year (2021) will be the last year TBD funds will be collected for street preservation projects unless the program is renewed.

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